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Hello, folks of the WWW! I’m a dude born in 1999, who happens to study mathematics. My fursona is a lion called Aurel, hence the name of this site. I love to make games with the programming language Lua and Love2D and I will use a section to display my newest creations. Thanks to love.js you can play them all in the browser!

In fact I stitched this site together with the help of Lua. That’s not all, because you might think that this text you are reading was orginally typed in a HTML document. That is not the case. I only use HTML/CSS for the plain structure of the site. I write the content in Djot which is a lightweight markup language like Markdown. More details will be provided in a follwing blog post.

Things I like

rainbow My family and my boyfriend!

penguin Programming, Linux, Theoretical CompSci

game Video Games

book Poetry

Things I don’t like

question Not questioning things

rude Coercion, violence, rudeness


Description Date
first version published 25-11-2022
first blog post; emojis; minor layout changes; removed stubs 01-12-2022
improved stylesheet; added Snowfall 02-12-2022
added Mastofeed 07-12-2022
added button and html to embed 12-01-2023


Title Date Tags
How I made this blog 01-12-2022 tech; programming;
The Arcade Museum in Krakow 12-12-2022 games; fun;

Games and other Applets

Title Genre Status
Snake Arcade Finished
Snowfall Non-Game, Simulation WIP
Duckvaders Arcade, Shooter WIP

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